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Michael Kluch was born on May 7, 1986 in Motol, Prague and spent his first 15 long but beautiful life years without much active contact with music. It‘s not that there was no musical element in his family at all - Michael's grandfather is a cousin of the famous Miro Žbirka - but Michael was rather focused on sports. It was after his 15th birthday that he found a passion in music. He stopped playing competitive ice hockey and already during his high school studies started trying out music, in particular singing. In 2006 he founded the nowadays renowned band QUEENIE - a tribute to the British Queen - from which his artistic path has afterwards taken him to performing in Czech musicals and engaging in other projects related to music, production and show hosting.

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Michael has been enjoying many wonderful moments with Queenie. Together with the band, he has toured half of the world playing at more than a thousand concerts. It was not just about fun, but about experience, strict schedules and respect for the field. Michael has defined the term "concert theater" and established the band of international scale exceeding the existing limits of the genre. The highest point of his career so far is the repeatedly sold-out show Queen Relived, which will be premiered at O2 Arena in Prague and is prepared for a world tour. Michael received his music education at the TOWEN Musical Studio, at which he learned singing from Professor Pavel Veselý and which he continues to visit for maintaining his vocal hygiene.

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Michael also performed in the German band Queen 2 from Berlin. His theater portfolio includes i.a. the lead role of Roger Davis in the famous musical RENT from Broadway (Kalich Theater), the lead role of Benedikt Berousek in the musical Desire by Mirjam and Daniel Landa (Kalich Theater) and the title role of Freddie Mercury in the musical Freddie: The King of Queen created by the trio Libor Vaculík, Petr Malásek and Václav Kopta played at the J.K.Tyl Theater in Pilsen with occasional guest performances at the Hybernia Theater in Prague. The most recent piece, put on at the Radek Brzobohatý Theater, for which Michael was nominated for the Thálie Award (Czech equivalent to the Tony Award), was the musical Freddie by Karel Janák, in which Michael played the title role and also participated in the musical‘s development. The band Queenie played there too, providing live musical accompaniment for the performance. Nowadays, Michael dedicates himself mainly to the band Queenie and other production activities.

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Band Queenie

Band Queenie

Founded 2006, Prague


Band Queen 2

Band Queen 2

Since 2012, Berlin


Musical RENT

Musical RENT (Jonathan Larson)

main-role Roger Davis / Man1 (premiere 8/2013 - theatre Na Prádle, Prague)

main-role Roger Davis (premiere 3/2014 - theatre Kalich, Prague)


Freddie Mercury's Last Night

Monodrama Posledná noc Freddie Mercuryho (Milo Mojžíš)

title-role Freddie Mercury (since 2013, Bratislava - Slovakia)

Musical Touha

Musical Touha (Mirjam a Daniel Landa)

main-role Benedikt Berousek (premiere 2/2014 - theatre Kalich, Prague)


Musical Freddie: The King of Queen

Musical Freddie: The King of Queen (L. Vaculík, P. Malásek, V. Kopta)

title-role Freddie Mercury (premiere 3/2014 - theatre J.K.Tyla, Pilsen)

title-role Freddie Mercury (premiere 1/2015 - theatre Hybernia, Prague)


Sunday Night Fever

Sunday Night Fever (L. S. Fischerová, J. Kraus, P. Čejka)

role Freddie Mercury (premiere 5/2016 - City theater in Most)

role Freddie Mercury (premiere 1/2018 - theatre Hybernia, Prague)


Musical Freddie

Musical Freddie (Karel Janák)

title-role Freddie Mercury (premiere 4/2018 - Radek Brzobohatý's Theatre, Prague)